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Stay Clear of Fraudsters Who Are Masters of Diploma Mills

It’s a sad society we live in. Con-men are everywhere and they would devise ingenious methods to make a fast buck out of their victims, irrespective of whether they are young or old, rich or poor. Unfortunately, there are also conmen who peddles fake online study programs or certificates.

An illegal school is school that gives you diploma or a college degree by paying certain amount of money. It is a fake education because there are no classes to attend to. With those certificates, it shows that you’ve graduated from certain field. This act is also known as ‘diploma mill’ or ‘degree mill’.

In ‘diploma mills’, the school gives low quality of education and require only some effort to pass. A school that sell you a certificate with your name on it is included as ‘diploma mills’ as well. Certain schools in some of the state of US tend to give out diploma mills.

Life experience can visit – https://lambang-toanquoc.com/   be credited in diploma mills but it is questionable. Many standard colleges also give credit to life experience but it does not replace academic grades. A student can avoid from beginner’s coursework and start degree ahead is by taking CLEP (College-Level Examination Program).

Is there any significance in fake diploma?

A fake diploma seems like a shortcut because of the job market today. When there is desperation in human fake diploma takes advantage in desperation. Due to the thinking that only by having a fake diploma, you can get a job.

All those ‘graduated’ only bought a piece of paper that is similar to a piece of white paper. Employee will get fired especially when the employer found out that the education he/she had is a fraud. Not only being jobless is the problem but those obtaining a fake certificate are illegal in some states as it is only for personal gain.


If you see an advert that offers really short time in obtaining a diploma or degree, it is probably a fake one. Although it is true for some school, make sure that the school is promising and accredited. Ask questions like what do you have to do to earn a degree? Don’t be fool by the requirement of buying textbook and sitting for exam because it might be the terms for everyone to get a diploma mill.

The best way to avoid this is by doing more research on the school. Check out the website on the list of legal and accredited school. Having a fake diploma or degree does not make you an educated person.

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